The New Broome Collective

The New Broome Collective

New Broome is a collective of community groups based at the Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre. Volunteer-led, this collective work collaboratively with bluesci Support to deliver cultural and well-being activities.

New Broome aims to support the growth and development of each group, by sharing skills and knowledge. The collective provides a platform for groups to build and strengthen new and existing community partnerships in Old Trafford.

 Arts and Minds

The craft, knitting, painting, drawing and art group at Old Trafford merged to form Arts and Minds in early 2016 with the aim of providing a better service to users, applying for funding, holding regular meetings and improving communication.

Arts and Minds provide a friendly, fun environment in which people can come and chat, learn new skills, support each other, and improve their well-being. 

Blues Community Cafe 

Whilst providing tasty food, the cafe tries to make sure that everyone is catered for, by cooking wholesome and nutritious meals and snacks from scratch for meat eaters, vegans, and vegetarians alike.

Blues cafe is the hub of the Wellbeing Centre. We support, and in turn receive support from, all the other groups that use the building, and strive to make sure that everyone feels welcome.

Theatre of the Senses

Theatre of the Senses is a drama group that encourages all abilities and is welcoming of people with physical disabilities and people on their mental health recovery journey.

Theatre of the Senses workshops are geared towards regular public performance; however you do not have to want to perform in public to come along and have fun.

 Seed Studios

Seed Studios offers community music workshops, one-to-one music sessions and volunteering opportunities. We have a recording studio at the Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre and a wide range of musical instruments, equipment, volunteers and project workers to help local people learn, create and perform.

Using music as a tool, we improve well-being, increase creativity, grow confidence, and help people to gain better chances in life.


Chainlink provides low cost cycle repairs, cycle maintenance workshops and guided cycle rides for all ages and abilities.

Chainlink train and support volunteers to help deliver these activities across Trafford including Old Trafford.

Chainlink help and encourage people to get more out of their bikes, get fitter and improve their mental well-being as they engage socially with others and learn new skills.

Seymour Poets 

Seymour Poets do laid-back creative writing workshops and we are very friendly and inclusive.

Seymour Poets welcome people who are physically disabled, learning disabled, people who are neuro-divergent (e.g. have autism.) We also welcome people who find writing difficult, people who have been failed by school, beginners and the accomplished alike.

The workshops are run by a published writer and performer. Feel free to just come along. We drink tea and laugh and usually have biscuits!

Tree Things

A creative well-being workshop, working with wood, where we give and share skills and create finished products. Tree Things aim to develop individual creativity, achieve happiness, and a senses of community. A range of tools and materials is provided.

Tree Things provide volunteering opportunities and the chance to grow in confidence.