Whats On?

Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre is a community wellbeing hub run by and for the benefit of local residents with support from blueSCI. Its aim is to support local individuals and families to achieve their goals and improve their health and wellbeing through the 5 Ways to Wellbeing; Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Learn, and Give. blueSCI is a not for profit community interest company which supports people who may be experiencing emotional or psychological distress. Drop in to have a look around the centre or call reception on 0161 877 3719 to arrange an appointment so we can show you round. You can also find us on Twitter; @blueSCItrafford, or via our Facebook page; BLUESCI Timperley.

Blues Community Café
Internet and Computers
Trafford Prevention & Wellbeing Partnership
Complimentary Therapies


Complimentary Therapy 10am-4pm- male therapist
Self Help Services - E-Therapy (computerised CBT) 12.30-3.30pm
Theatre of the Senses - Drama class with Syd - 12.30-3.30pm
Tree Things - Woodwork session with Patrick - 1-3pm
Seed Studios, Sound Explorers - 12.30-3pm
Arts & Minds - Knitting group in the cafe - 1-3pm
Never 'Felt' better - 1-3pm


Complimentary Therapy appointments, acupuncture & massage am and Reflexology & Indian Head Massage pm
Arts & Minds - painting & drawing group - 10am -
Arts & Minds - morning art club with Diane - 10am - 12pm
Pop-Up Choir with Duncan - 11-1pm
Seed Studios- Drumming Workshop - 1-3pm
Seymour Poets- creative Writing - 1-3pm
Complimentary Therapy Appointments - female therapist - 9am - 4pm
BME Womens Group- 10-12pm
Arts & Minds - Knitting group in the cafe - 1-3pm


Complimentary Therapy Appointments -Reflexology and Indian Head Massage (female therapist) am, and deep tissue massage (male therapist) pm
Counselling available by appointment
Arts & Minds-Painting & Drawing group - 10am - 12pm
Trafford BME Womens Group Session - 10.15am - 11.30am
PLOT Trafford Community Allotment - 11am - 1pm
Chainlink bike maintenance and drop in - 11am - 4pm
Theatre of the Senses drama class with Syd - 12.30-3.30pm
Hearing Voices Group1pm - 2.30pm
Tree Things wood work session with Patrick - 1-3pm
Ukulele workshop with Geoff, 'Blue Food Buskers' - 1-3pm


Complimentary Therapy appointments
Citizens Advice, CAB Drivers Service
PLOT Trafford Community Allotment - 11am - 1pm
GMMH Free Recovery Academy Courses


Download a copy of the current activity list here