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The user forum is open for anyone to attend who has or is using mental health services in Trafford. We are here to support individuals and improve communication between services and the people who use them.

The date of the next User forum will be posted here

Please come along and have your say.



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BlueSCI has been a part of the community of Trafford for over 10 years and over this period it has touched the lives of many people.  In April 2014, a collection of service users united as a way of improving communication between mainstream services (including mental health services) and service users.

“We have lived experiences of the fact that mental health care in Trafford can be disjointed, difficult to access, misleading and under informed.  We also know that this is not from lack of trying on the part of the majority of health professionals.  We have also had some very positive experiences and feedback.  The most frustrating aspect of accessing and engaging with mental health services, as we have learned, is communication issues.  With this in mind we have formulated the idea of hosting/facilitating a service user forum on a monthly basis, with invitations being sent to a plethora of mental health services in Trafford.  We understand that time is precious and not all invited may be able to attend, so we shall disseminate any information that is to be passed on to other agencies on the behalf of services that are unable to attend.  We shall also be taking minutes and will have an agenda for the events so that any services may provide any relevant information about changes to services, prospective projects, pilot schemes and under-subscribed services.  Minutes will be forwarded to all specified service representatives (to be negotiated with each service) and also selected service user representatives.

This will not be an arena for the criticising of services, it is envisioned that the proposed forum will facilitate better communication amongst Trafford’s mental health services.   We have a vision of this being a professional endeavour with a positive outcome for all concerned.”

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